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The most common circumstance would be a case in which you give an employee an advance before they leave for a trip, and the expenses during the trip are less than the amount advanced.

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Corporate credit cards are credit cards issued to employees of established companies for use in charging authorized business expenses. Christian College Resources, Inc.

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For business travelers, it should also be smooth, devoid of irritations that arise when one bumps up against procedures and policies. Virgin Islands, and Wake Island. Original receipts and supporting documents are required.

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Payments to or for the benefit of retired or emeritus employees must have a documented business purpose which benefits the University of Kansas, as with all other types of expenditures.

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Creating a personal development plan can help you grow at work and beyond.

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The employee also must submit business expenses within a reasonable period of time after they occurred.

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Employees then buy what fits their personal needs and submit expenses to their company.

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Understanding the differences between invoices and receipts will allow you to know when you should use one instead of the other, ensuring that you and your customers have the transaction documentation you need.

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In the rare circumstance where there is a health or business reason why an employee must upgrade to business class, such an upgrade must be approved by a Senior Staff member and must be documented.

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This document has been reviewed and approved by the President and Senior Staff. Invest for maximum results with a minimum of risk.

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Deemed substantiation is the amount of the expenditure that is reimbursed by using the mileage allowance for operating a vehicle. You know that you need a valid proof of purchase.

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In some situations, the appropriate documentation validating the business relationship of the trip may be difficult to obtain. Send Me the Accountable Plan!

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The rates should be those used at the time of the transaction, not the rates in effect at the time you complete and submit your TER. University property when acquired.

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The expenses must be incurred while the employee is performing work for the company, and must be ordinary and necessary expenses. Child care or tutoring due to school closings.